Our work

Zurich Analytics Group (ZAG)

ZAG is a 360-degree marketing agency serving the marketing & sales administration needs of high-profile Swiss financial brands. Due to the confidential nature of their work, signed NDA and NCA agreements, and increasing workload, the agency operates in stealth mode and is not accepting new clients.

The company is divided into two main divisions: Marketing & Lead Generation (providing CMO services & a marketing executive team), and Investments Distribution Management (providing Head of Sales services).

ZAG’s team offers over 40 different marketing services, including financial research and whitepaper production, email and mail marketing, PR support, printed materials production, marketing automation (Zapier, Make, other no-code tools), Salesforce development, omni-channel investor relations management, advertising campaigns (from development & production of multi-language, multi-channel creatives to online campaigns management), conversion funnels development, and many more.

This diverse range of services provides ample opportunities for vertical and horizontal growth for the new hires, be they trainees or senior experts. Working at ZAG means exposure to cutting-edge marketing techniques, the highest standards in the industry, and a positively challenging work environment.

Artistic Marketplace

Our company operates one of the top three marketplaces* in the United States for booking artists with a particular area of expertise. Our platform boasts over a thousand members and attracts thousands of visitors daily. As a relatively new platform, there is significant potential for growth and optimization, making it a promising opportunity for professionals in the fields of marketing, project management, and development.

Medical Services Marketplace

One of our latest projects is a marketplace* for a specific kind of medical services. This platform is designed to meet the needs of Latin American and German-speaking countries, two regions with growing demand for accessible and high-quality medical care. The marketplace will connect patients with doctors and clinics, making it easier for them to find the care they need.

Childcare Services Marketplace

Our newest venture is a childcare-related marketplace*, which is specifically targeted at German-speaking countries. This platform will connect families with local childcare providers, offering a convenient and efficient solution for parents looking for the best options for their children.

Pool Care Magazine

As one of the top sources of information in the pool care industry, our magazine* has established itself as a trusted and respected voice in the community. Our team of experts works tirelessly to bring the latest research, advice, and best practices to our readers, helping them to keep their pools in top condition. Our commitment to providing high-quality, informative content has earned us a strong following and recognition from leading media outlets, such as Yahoo News, Good Firms, NBC network, MSN, and Business.org, among others.

Skincare Magazine

We run a leading media brand* in a skincare-related niche that provides expert advice and tips on maintaining healthy skin. It features articles written by dermatologists, estheticians, and beauty experts, covering topics such as skin care routines and product reviews. With a growing interest in self-care and wellness, this magazine presents an exciting opportunity for researchers, writers, and editors looking to specialize in the beauty and skincare industry.

* Due to their confidential nature, the names of the projects and their specific niches cannot be disclosed, but we did our best to describe them.