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Why join EMRG?

  • International, growing markets

    The single greatest determinant of your future is not your skills or talents. Rather, it is the market you work on. If the market is large and continues to grow, so too will your future opportunities. However, the longer you work on a local or stagnating market, the more chances you will miss in life. As a part of EMRG, you can work on top-notch projects, disrupting the Swiss and US markets without leaving your home. Further, you can observe and have access to the decision-making and development of multi-million projects, see how the company is structured, how the new departments are being created and developed, and even try managing the projects in the launch phase within the top-growth markets: Online Products/SaaS, eCommerce, Finance, Real Estate Crowdfunding, and more.

  • Unlimited responsibility and unlimited challenges

    Here your work matters, and here you can make an impact. We are not a corporation, and you are not a cog in the system. In EMRG, every team is a start-up, and the level of your impact and responsibility is limited only by how smart and skilled you are. We prefer hiring self-managed people who are looking to implement their potential, and we gladly provide them with a framework and the resources to do so. These include the following: projects/online assets to improve, goals to achieve, expertise, training, and the right to hire their own team. We hunt for great managers inside and outside of our teams. If you are capable, you will get larger projects, larger budgets, and larger teams to manage. Give it a shot.

  • A people-oriented company

    We always say, if people show up by 9 am, perform their respective tasks, and leave by 5 pm, they do not work at a good organization. They work at an organization with a lack of leadership. One of our main KPIs is how driven and motivated our people are. Every manager is a coach and their goal is to get their team players to perform at their full capacity. How? We accept a simple truth: everyone works to achieve their personal goals, not the company’s. So, we ensure that we know what our people are looking to achieve, and we organize the work in a way that makes them succeed in their positions every day. Making sure that our people achieve their goals is at the core of our leadership.

Our Lines of Business

Yes, we work in several directions that may appear to be a little diverse: investments, online media/affiliate marketing, SaaS/online products, and eCommerce.

There are two reasons for this: synergy and learning.

As founders, we try to maximize learning for ourselves and for our team. Nothing can provide more insights than watching how several different businesses grow, solving their unique problems and extracting universal management principles that can be applied to other businesses.

The synergy aspect works as follows: the experience in eCommerce and SaaS helps us to bring more value to the visitors of our online media, while our investment expertise enables us to raise capital and scale faster.

This gives a unique opportunity for our team to work with managers and leaders with a wider world view and have zones of responsibilities in two, three, or four different businesses and industries, thus maxing out their learning experience.


The investment line of business is represented by two wings: ZAG and EMRG Financial.

At ZAG, we create and develop financial brands, working with the most innovative Swiss companies. Our clients have received numerous reviews from world-class celebrities and have also been reviewed by the world’s largest media outlets, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Forbes. Also, with our help, they have raised over $20M during the last 3 years.

Our second wing, EMRG Financial, helps investors to tap into the alluring market of online media and affiliate websites, sourcing, structuring deals, and functioning as a money manager.

Online Media and Products

We run a range of online media and marketplaces that review products and services in various niches, from large home appliances to skincare.

Our approach differs from that of the affiliate industry: we consider our media as brands that exist to help people to make better choices, not just sources of traffic and affiliate commission.

Our long-term strategy is to accumulate assets and implement a vertical integration strategy, venturing into affiliate platforms, eCommerce, and physical brands, where we can enjoy the synergy on the level of brands and on the level of data/data analysis.


We own several home decor brands that are sold on Amazon and via distributors.

Our businesses operate according to the long-tail model. We avoid competitive niches and instead produce customizations of products for hundreds of specific niches where there is no competition.

The core part of our work is data analysis: we employ machine learning and demand forecasting to choose the most profitable customizations and to optimize our inventory reserves, and thus free up our working capital.

Our growth process

  • The cornerstone of our growth is the growth of our people. Therefore, we developed systems to ensure everyone grows as fast as possible.

  • Quarterly reviews – every quarter, our teammates* receive detailed feedback on their performance, an indication of any areas for improvement, and goals for the next quarter. This helps them to track their progress and growth.

  • One-on-ones – usually once a week, a direct manager has a call with every teammate. The manager answers his/her colleague’s questions and shares immediate feedback and advice.

  • Masterclasses – the challenges of the modern world demand systematic thinking and having a wide context. We regularly share knowledge on various topics with the team, from SEO to Machine Learning to Business Communication. The aim is to widen their world view and prepare them to make better decisions independently.

  • Cases reviews – the managers look for the successful and elegant industry cases and best practices of our teammates, then proceed to share them with the whole team*.

  • 2-way expectations review – in any company, the employees always know what a manager expects. However, we turn this the other way around. We ask our employees (after they have worked for some time) to lay down their own expectations on a sheet of paper. Then, we review them and see how we can achieve them. After all, we believe that the company can achieve its goals when it works for the goals of each and every teammate.

    *Exclusive only to some teams or people who have reached the middle seniority level.

Our icons

Andrew Grove

ex-CEO of Intel

Andrew Stephen Grove was a Hungarian-American businessman, engineer, and CEO of Intel Corporation. He escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 and moved to the United States, where he completed his education. Grove was the third employee and eventual third CEO of Intel, transforming the company into the world’s largest semiconductor company.

Ray Dalio

Founder of Bridgewaters

Raymond Thomas Dalio is an American billionaire investor and hedge fund manager. Since 1985, Dalio has served as co-chief investment officer of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. Dalio is regarded as one of the greatest innovators in the finance world, having popularized many commonly used practices, such as risk parity, currency overlay, portable alpha, and global inflation-indexed bond management.

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