About EMRG

EMRG Capital puts a new kind of an emerging market on the financial landscape: digital companies that show predictable, linear earnings growth.

Operating within the digital sector, they are, however, unaffected by the VC mentality and adhere to the traditional measure of business growth: the earnings increase, without promising to become a ‘unicorn’ overnight. That’s why they fly below the radar of most: too unfancy for the VC funds to speculate on and too ‘digital’ for the traditional investors to cope with, they make a perfect target for us.

We seek out the bargain deals, add value to the assets, and sell them for more.

The value increase is brought about by the three factors:
1. Earnings growth (assets development, scaling up)
2. ROE growth (economies of scale, outsourcing, finding synergies),
3. The multiples growth (aggregation, internal diversification, re-positioning as tech companies)

In the world spoiled with cash, this segregated and underfinanced market is a window of opportunity for the entrepreneurial investor.

What we do

EMRG generates up to 15% p.a. to the investors by investing in digital assets, such as online media, product review websites, and eCommerce.

We enable investors to tap into the growth of a new kind of an emerging market: digital equity. We do not mean startups and unicorns. We mean cash cows, profit-generating companies valuated using ‘normal’, not ‘tech’ multiples. Specifically, eCommerce, marketplaces, and product review media.



• Online media – product review (“affiliate”) and lead-gen websites


• Marketplaces
• Ads-monetized online media
• eCommerce with owned traffic
• Affiliate marketing companies
• Domain names trading
• Other kinds of digital assets

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