About EMRG

EMRG Capital specializes on financing projects within the affiliate marketing industry.

Founded by two partners who for years have launched and scaled online businesses, the firm has an uncommon edge.

We recognize the multitude of opportunities and risks specific exclusively to the online industry: what can be taken as a collateral; what can be sold, where, how fast, and for how much; what can damage the asset; where to look for synergies; what expectations to set to the management, and where is the line between the luck and the effort

Armed with these insights, we reflect them in the agreements and instruments to capture the upside, hedge the downside, and ensure the safety of the principal.

We not only invest, but actively participate in the development of the companies, providing management consulting services to help them recognize the synergies, systemize the processes, attract and motivate the best talent, cut costs, introduce new monetization methods, and many more.

What we do

At EMRG, we purchase, merge, grow, and exit online businesses in the affiliate marketing industry.

We invest in profitable affiliate online businesses that are looking to scale and make an exit.

We provide them with both investments and an ongoing management consulting to help them facilitate growth: 30% to 50% annually*.

On top of that, we merge the acquisitions to cut costs, achieve greater economies of scale, and create internal portfolio diversification.

And finally, we reposition our portfolio companies as technology businesses, helping them to develop internal technology and leverage their data. This creates additional multiples growth.

Only the aggregation factor alone, net of any operational and strategic improvements, leads to up to 60% capital growth due to the difference in EBITDA multiples between the smaller and the larger assets.



• Product review websites


• Origination
• Value discovery
• Acquisition
• Management consulting
• Technology consulting
• Asset sales

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