Web Design and UX

Web design and UX

What will you learn:

  • The aesthetics of the web. How to tell a great web design from a bad one
  • We’ll review 3 websites in details and find out their pros and cons
  • Usability and user experience – key terms, key methods
  • The wireframing process tools
  • How online products are created
  • User personas, user stories, scenarios
  • Key product metrics

Who needs to join:

  • Must have: Developers, product managers, publishers (to be able to create better products)
  • Must have: Managers of all kinds; to become a smarter manager who knows more concepts
  • Optionally: Researchers, SEO – to understand how to improve our websites; to be able to come up with better ideas; to be able to grow to a managerial position / take over a more complex job

Why to join:

  • To create better web products
  • To understand the online world better – why people love one websites and designs, and hate others
  • To master the new concepts (to see the new opportunities and perform better)