For Business Owners

Finding profitable niches is hard. But what is harder is scaling fast enough to capture all the profits and growing large enough to keep the new entrants away.

What determines will you become a monopolist or just another webmaster competing against the crowd? Sometimes, as it was in the case with John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, or modern-day unicorns Apple and Tesla, the answer is: capital. They weren’t the first, they weren’t the only innovators, but they were definitely the best funded ones.

We are here to make sure you never run out of cash while you can accommodate it with a profit.


Growth financing

We start joint ventures with webmasters who are looking to scale within the niches they know well, for example, from 1 website and 1 language to 10 websites in 3 languages. We provide the most of the funding, the webmasters provide the most of the work, and we split the profits.

Business systemization

We work with our partners to help them hire and train motivated management teams, develop SOPs for pretty much everything, delegate processes and solve other issues that stand in the way of growth. This way they can free up their time from the daily routines and focus on where their skills are needed the most: defining what should be done and when, not “who” or “how”.