Having choice is the best leverage. We scout the market regularly to keep the deal pipeline full, so that we jump on the best 1% of the deals available.

Value Discovery

Financial spreadsheets are similar to rearview mirrors: too small to capture the whole picture, and useless to forecast the road ahead. Their sole purpose is to prove the asking price, while the buyer often falls prey to adverse selection (meaning that the seller always knows more about the project). 

Is this a hidden gem, with a good foundation and a lot of potential? Or is it a cheaply made website that is being sold because it has already reached its zenith?

As digital natives, we look beyond the spreadsheets and into the factors that stand behind the future revenues. Those factors include how balanced vs. how shady SEO practices were used, the true content and maintenance costs, backlinks reliability, the replication risk, the affiliate network risks, as well as the opportunities for UX, SEO, content, and brand image boost. 


Two points set us apart.

Firstly, our background is in operating digital projects. It puts us in a position to recognize a great managerial capability, as well as a deficiency, so we can provide great managers with more capital. It also allows us to spot and replace the bad managers with great ones and benefit from the value increase.

Secondly, we put our own capital at risk ahead of our investors’ capital. If there is a loss, we deduct it from our own share, protecting the investor interest on our own behalf.