Having choices is the best competitive advantage. We scout the market regularly to keep the deal pipeline full so that we jump on the best 1% of the available deals.

Value Discovery

Financial spreadsheets are like rearview mirrors: too small to capture the whole picture and useless to forecast the road ahead. Their sole purpose is to prove the asking price.

Unfortunately, the buyer often falls prey to adverse selection because the seller always knows more about the project. Is this a hidden gem with a good foundation and substantial potential? Or is it a cheaply-made website being sold because it has already reached its zenith?

As digital natives, we look beyond the spreadsheets into the factors that contribute to future revenues. These factors include the SEO practices used (white-hat versus black-hat) and the content and maintenance costs. They also encompass the backlink reliability, replication risk, affiliate network risks, and opportunities for UX, SEO, content, and brand image improvement.

Management Consulting

We are a reliable and resourceful partner to our portfolio companies. Using our experience starting and scaling digital ventures, we actively participate in our portfolio companies’ daily operations. We help them systemize their businesses, hire the best talent, improve their business models, find novel monetization methods, acquire other assets, cut costs, automate their processes, and much more. The powerful resonance between our operational expertise and our investees’ understanding of their niches enables exponential growth.